St. George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church
1620 Bell Street · POB 660425 · Sacramento, CA 95866 · (916) 920-2900


The Melkite Church originated in Jerusalem and Antioch, where the followers of Jesus were first called Christians. It is one of the largest Christian Churches in the Holy Land. Melkites first settled in the United States over a century ago, but the recent situation in the Middle East has compelled even greater immigration. St. George Melkite Greek-Catholic Church is the oldest community in Sacramento that is linked to the native Christians of the Holy Land.

1976 Father Max Chalhoub, of blessed memory, arrives in San Francisco to start a Melkite Church
1977 St. George holds liturgy at Joe Halaway's L'il Joe's Restaurant
1978 Manawel Khoury finds church property on 1620 Bell Street
1979 Father Max celebrates the first Palm Sunday and Pascha at the church
1980 Father Max departs to establish St. John of the Desert in Phoenix, AZ
  Father Maximos Mardelli, of blessed memory, arrives
1981 Patriarch of Anitoch Maximos V Hakim, of blessed memory, visits
1982 Archbishop Joseph Tawil, of blessed memory, visits
1984 Father Maximos Mardelli transfers to St. Elias the Prophet in San Jose, CA
  Father Gus Deasio arrives
1986 Father Gus transfers to St. Joseph in Akron, OH
  Father Jim Babcock arrives
1989 Father Jim transfers to Holy Cross in Placentia, CA
  Father Basil Adcock becomes the temporary administrator
1990 Father Ken Sherman arrives
1991 Father Ken transfers to St. Nicholas in Rochester, NY
  Father Mark Melone is installed by Archbishop Ignatius
1993 Parishioner James Graham ordained a priest at St. George
1995 Heavy rains collapse roof of church and rectory
1996 Bishop John Elya, Exarch of Newton, re-conscecrates new Cross
2000 Dominican Father Brendan McAnerney joins our parish from Ashland, Oregon
2003 St. George celebrates its Jubilee year!
2005 Archbishop Cyril Bustros, Eparch of Newton, visits
2011 Father Mark transfers to St. Joseph in Lawrence, MA
  Father Brendan becomes Pastor
2016 Deacon Dorotheos ordained by Bishop Samra
  Father Brendan retires, remaining in residence as the Pastor Emeritus
  Father Hezekias is appointed the Parish Administrator
2017 Father Hezekias is appointed Pastor